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Clearfork Office Offerings

Exceptional in location and amenities, Clearfork’s office selections with Class A workplaces are focused on recruiting and retaining top talent. With a median workforce age of 33, Clearfork sets a new standard for the modern-day office environment where one can meet for breakfast or coffee, walk or rent a bike to take in the riverside trail during lunch, gather for a happy hour, and enjoy a variety of evening entertainment with the team.


From ground-up build-to-suit opportunities to custom boutique office space found at The Offices at Clearfork and 5600 Clearfork Main, Clearfork presents a business landscape filled with first-class services meeting every need. Companies who are already calling Clearfork home include national and Fort Worth-based tenants such as Acme Brick, L’hoist, Smith & Nephew, WeWork, Frost Bank, Merrill Lynch and numerous oil and gas companies.

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