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Homeschooling Hack: Fort Worth Community-Based Curriculum Brought to You by Clearfork!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

As we enter month three of teaching from home, we are all feeling like summer break can't get here soon enough! It's a struggle to come up with creative ways to keep kids interested and their minds active during this tumultuous time. Don't fret! With the help of our Clearfork partners, retailers and restaurants, we have put together a few ideas that help you take it day by day! You've got this, parents! Don’t worry, Fort Worth, there are brighter skies and poolside cocktails just around the corner!

Monday — Learn about Finances

Okay, finances might not be the most exciting homeschool lesson, but learning how to manage money is an important skill for everyone to learn—and Frost Bank has tips on how to make it fun! They advise three simple steps to use money wisely: save, share, and spend. If you own Monopoly, now’s the time to pull out the Monopoly money! Explain the concept of save, share, and spend, then ask your “student” to place their money into three piles and talk about what they’re saving money for, who they’re sharing their money with, and what they’re spending their money on.

Tuesday - This one’s a double-whammy

Not only will you check off your schooltime for the day, but you’ll also be able to get your workout in! We Are Teachers has a great list of virtual P.E. class videos, apps and lesson plans that you can use to make P.E. fun and just the right amount of challenging. Luke’s Locker is also still delivering orders straight to your door, so you can make P.E. extra special by ordering a new, cool pair of sneakers for everyone in class. Get out and run, Fort Worth.

Wednesday — Sprinkle in Math While You Cook

No matter how old you are, you can learn a lot of things from cooking: patience, perseverance, attentiveness...and math? You bet. Recipes have been used in many math textbooks to teach kids about fractions and conversions, and there are a lot of simple online math lessons you can use to sprinkle in a bit of math while you cook. Whether you’re whipping up a dinner or a delicious treat like Neiman Marcus’ popovers, a cooking lesson not only teaches kiddos chef skills, but important lessons in math. It’s a great way to keep your little tactile learners interested and engaged!

Thursday — Create an Art Corner

Do you remember how you used to feel when you saw your art hanging on the fridge as a kid? Why not take that to the next level for your kiddos and revamp the playroom with a special art corner! You can create a gallery wall with the art they’ve created in the past, then pull in a table and chairs so they have a special place to sit and create new masterpieces during “art class”. From frames to tables, Arhaus and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have everything you need to create your art corner, and be sure to check out our Clearfork word searches and coloring pages that you can use for your first class!

Friday — Relax with Dance Class

After a long week, Friday is the time to unwind. You could teach fractions with wine as you pour yourself a glass—we won’t judge—or you can shake off the week’s worries with a dance class! Dance with Me Studios has 41 instructional dance videos to choose from on their Youtube channel, and they’re also offering virtual dance classes if you want to take it to the next level.

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you have to take drinks out of the equation. After all, you deserve it after a long week of teaching! Several Clearfork restaurants are offering to-go drink kits, like Mesero’s Quarantine Kit (featuring four margaritas for $50), and we can’t think of a better way to spend FriYAY’s homeschooling lesson than dancing around with your favorite people, drink in hand. Cheers, Fort Worth!

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