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Cheers to the Class of 2020: Graduation Gift Guide and Words of Wisdom from Clearfork

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

There’s no doubt that this year’s graduation celebrations are going to be completely different from what the Class of 2020 pictured. There won’t be crowds of people filling Fort Worth stadiums, no dancing across the stage, fewer caps and gowns, only a handful of graduation cap tosses. While it might look different, one thing remains the same - these young adults worked hard, persevered, adapted to change, and they're going out with one for the history books!

2020 graduates, you did it and we couldn't be more proud of you! You deserve quite the celebration! But, until then, we have compiled our top picks for grads, as well as some words of wisdom from our Clearfork friends. We are cheering for you as you embark on your next phase of life.


This little local shop has some truly (w)rare gifts! From relaxing Locale candles to Avery Meyer Hand Turned Pens (made by a local Fort Worth student) and custom coordinate signs (pinpointing the location of their sorority house, first college apartment, or house they grew up in), there’s plenty of gift options to choose from at Wrare.

Milk + Honey Spas

After a grueling past few weeks, every grad out there deserves some R&R. Milk + Honey has tons of gift goodies that you can use to create an at-home spa basket! Take a look at their Art of the Bath essentials for bath bombs, muscle soaks, candles and more.

Apricot Lane

Celebrate your grad’s school spirit with festive gear! Earrings, handbags, you name it. Apricot Lane has tons of cute school-themed gifts so your grad can sport TCU purple at their new job—even if it’s filled with work-from-home Zoom calls—or show it off at the next game day. They also have themed gifts for several other Texas universities (A&M, Baylor, and Texas Tech, to name a few), so you’re sure to find a present that fits your grad’s style, no matter where they’re graduating from.


From sunglasses to cute clothes, any gift from Climate will get your grad ready for relaxing (while looking incredibly stylish) this summer. This “Bon Voyage Baby” tee is a chic adieu to the past and bonjour to post-grad life, while this “Partygonia” shirt is a fun gift for grads who want to keep the party going after getting their diploma.

Sugarboo & Co.

For inspirational gifts, look no further than our local “Dealer in Whimsy”, Sugarboo & Co. They sell leather journals, notepads, wall art, and so much more. Best of all, everything in this shop has a touch of encouragement and hope for the future. Take a look at this adorable paperweight or this engraved compass, and you’ll see what we mean!


A ring, necklace or bracelet makes for a great commemorative gift. Add in a color gemstone, and it’ll be a piece that’s always treasured by your grad. If they’re not one for jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a timepiece. Let’s be honest—the “real world” is filled with meetings, and it’s always nice to be able to discreetly look at your watch when you can’t take a peek at your phone!


Whether your grad already has a Pandora charm bracelet or not, now is the perfect time to mark this special occasion with a special charm. You can choose the bracelet that best fits their taste, then add a graduation charm or two for a personal touch. Pandora also has even more inspiration for meaningful graduation gifts on their website.

Tiffany & Co.

Although Tiffany always has beautiful gifts to choose from, their newest T1 collection is designed to represent the courage, strength and optimism that lies within those who wear it. Any item from this gorgeous rose-gold collection will not only remind your grad how amazing they are, but also be a special gift that they’ll wear for years to come.

Kalos Medical Spa

Stressful times can take a toll on your body. Help your grad ease back into “normal” with a gift card to Kalos Medical Spa, where they can get a specialty facial or HydraFacial MD to rejuvenate their skin before stepping out into their next stage of life.

Graduation Words of Wisdom from some of your Fort Worth Favorites:

Words of advice from Doug PlesKovitch, Co-Owner of Wrare Fort Worth:

"No matter where you're at in your scholastic career, High School, or College, I believe the same advice holds true. Actively seek what makes you smile and stirs your passion and I mean activelyseek. Those two elements will lead you to a vocation that truly makes you happy and being happy with what you do every day is the real definition of success. Period"

Bachendorf’s Graduation Message

Well Wishes from Dr. Emily Kirby and Randol Kirby, Owners of Kalos Medical Spa:

“Congratulations grads! You have a diploma in your hands and it will open doors for you. You may not always draw upon the knowledge from your studies, but you can always benefit from the work ethic it took to earn your degree. Put in the sweat and make your mark on whatever task or project or business opportunity comes your way. You will find yourself disappointed if you routinely expect life to be easy or fair. Your successes will taste so much sweeter when you have worked for it—when you have REALLY worked for it.” - Randol Kirby

You will find yourself disappointed if you routinely expect life to be easy or fair. Your successes will taste so much sweeter when you have worked for it, when you have REALLY worked for it…” - Dr. Emily Kirby

Randol Kirby, Kalos Medical Spa Dr. Emily Kirby, Kalos Medical Spa

Graduation Wisdom from Alissa, Founder of Milk + Honey:

“To the Class of 2020 — What a strange time to be making such a huge transition in your life, but also what a tremendous opportunity to rethink your future. I am a firm believer that the universe is always listening to us—to the energy we put out—and it always responds in kind. You don’t get what you want in this life—you get what you focus your attention on. Choose to focus on positivity and gratitude, and you will see that you have a lot more to be grateful for and happy about. Take this opportunity—whether it’s a gap year, heading straight to college, or a career—to design the life you want, and then live it! Congratulations, graduates. I wish you all the best!”

Alissa Bayer, milk + honey spas

Thoughts on Graduation from Hedda Gioia Dowd, Creative Founder & C.E.O. of rise:

I come from an upbringing where I was always told, “If you’re going to do anything, do it for yourself, do it the very best you possibly can, and do so as if NO one is watching.” I did not understand this as a child, especially when my parents were not present at sporting events, piano recitals, and other meaningful events. I certainly wished they had missed the days when report cards were sent home and their signatures were required... However, as I grew up and became wiser, it became very clear to me that this lesson they had taught me was invaluable. How I wish they could have lived to see the ONLY “business success “ I ever achieved after 50 business failures over my lifetime.

Even now, with our “success “ during the pandemic, we are being unbelievably challenged. There are no guarantees. We must focus every day and stay the course. I have come to realize that each day I walk into rise, my parents are more a part of rise than I am, and for that, I am a loving & grateful child.”

Hedda Gioia Dowd, rise restaurants

To the Fort Worth Graduates and beyond, congratulations!! In need of more gift ideas? The Shops at Clearfork have plenty of options to choose from! Here’s how to shop from your favorite Clearfork shops at home and to find the perfect gift.

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