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The Coolest Workplaces in Dallas-Fort Worth

D Magazine (January 2016) – When Reynolds Capital Partners and its private non-operating charitable R4 Foundation needed a new home, a piece of the old Edwards Ranch in southwest Fort Worth perfectly fit the bill. The R4 campus includes three buildings that incorporate natural light and outdoor views. They house “agents of positive change,” or wellness-focused entities, that include R4, the Benny Vaughn Athletic Therapy Center, the Sanctuary Yoga Room, the Strength Studio, and sports psychologist Dr. Tracy Carrington. The “tightly-knit urban campground” links its buildings with outdoor spaces. There’s an athletic field, plus a 12,500-square-foot gymnasium and athletic center that’s available for rent as event space or as a basketball or volleyball venue. Each of the buildings is a steel shed structure covered in standing seam copper. Design firm Cunningham Architects outfitted each of the interiors to keep the old ranch feel while also reflecting each building’s use.

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