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Fort Worth’s Real Urban Cowboys: Now That’s Something You Don’t See in Dallas

Star-Telegram (June 23, 2017) – With young mothers and their toddlers gathered in a park by the Trinity River, and as the lunch crowd settled in at the Press Café patio nearby, a cherished piece of Fort Worth’s heritage came riding in.

There were four of them on horseback, cowboys down to their hats and boots and spurs, who dismounted and tied up their animals in a shady spot near the restaurant. Within seconds they were engulfed. Or it might be more accurate to say that the horses were engulfed — by the moms, little ones and diners.

One of the horsemen, Chris Campbell, handed a peppermint to 2-year-old Milly, who was in the arms of her mother, Beth Welsh. Milly tentatively fed the candy to Campbell’s quarter horse, Nugget.

Behind them, Courtney Kerns held her mesmerized infant son, Creighton. “We just moved here from California,” the mother said. “This is awesome.

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